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International Jazz Day

The 30th of April is the International Jazz Day. This day was declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe.” 

In order to support this unity, I designed a dancing typeface in a vertical pentagram to visualize this day. The animated content tells a story about the event at the same time as being functional and applicable across still and moving media.



I was commissioned by Raquel Papers to promote her shop through low-cost advertising. The aim was to design three tote bags with a playful, distinctive and memorable composition. The creative shapes, colours and typeface help to catch the eye from a distance.

Dimensions: 38 x 42 cm
100% Cotton
Colour: Black, Red, Blue
Limited Edition

King & McGaw

King & McGaw is a digital art gallery.  Since 1982, King & McGaw has printed art for some of the world’s most renowned artists, museums and galleries.

The challenge was to design a contemporary brand with a unique hand-crafted feel, without forgetting the proud history of the company. I designed several elements such as stationery, labels, tissue paper, tape, and social media.

Designed at Pentagram with Partner, Angus Hyland.

Free Fall

Free Fall is an installation by contemporary artist Inma Femenía. Her work gives physical materiality to digital imagery in the form of PVC sheet film.

Elements designed to work alongside the installation included a bilingual catalogue, event invitations, business cards and social media content.

Art On You

Art On You is a creative space based in Benicassim, Spain.

Its mission is to allow people of all ages and abilities to develop their creativity through workshops such as painting,  photography, drawing, music and yoga.

The visual language uses confident typography, vibrant colour and dynamic pattern to create a powerful and recognisable brand.


Tigermilk is a restaurant based in Paris and Brussels. The name is inspired by ceviche, the famously healthy Peruvian fish dish. The fish is marinated in a lime-based liquid known as “leche de tigre”. Translating this Spanish phrase into English as Tigermilk.

The concept is to offer fast, casual food in a stylish setting. With this in mind, I developed fresh, vibrant and colourful branding to reflect Peruvian culture and gastronomy.

Designed at Pentagram with Partner, Angus Hyland.